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How Long Commutes Impact Workplace Productivity

February 20 | 2018
By: Geoff Mukhtar
Communications Manager at United Benefit Advisors

What do all employees have in common? They all have a burning dislike for their morning commute! Let’s face it, it’s not the actual commute that most people dislike, it’s the hassle of dealing with traffic, long lines, and rude people that make the trip so despised. It doesn’t matter how an employee gets to […]

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Wellness Checkup

February 13 | 2018
By: Adva Biton

The CDC estimates that 75 percent of healthcare costs come from 117 million people with one or more chronic health conditions. For employers, this can mean paying an annual average of $12,000 per employee on healthcare costs, according to a study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. In recent years, many employers have gotten […]

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Culture, Not Perks, Most Important to Retain Employees

February 8 | 2018
By: Heather Stewart

As a small business, how can you attract and retain top-notch employees? That was the key question tackled during a breakout session at the Salt Lake Chamber Small Business Summit in early February. With the unemployment rate in Utah hovering at record-low levels, attracting and keeping top talent is top of mind for all business […]

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How to Motivate Employee Participation in Your Wellness Program

February 5 | 2018
By: Sara Saidi

Have you ever heard the quote, “If you take care of your people, they’ll take care of your business?” It’s great advice and goes beyond ensuring that they get a paycheck each month. Does your company show that they care about an employee’s total well-being? You should, especially considering that an employee’s physical and mental […]

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Negotiating over COBRA Coverage-Use EXTREME CAUTION!

January 31 | 2018
By: Elizabeth Kay
Compliance & Retention Analyst

Have you ever overheard the new employee in the break room, bragging about how good their health insurance was with their previous employer, and how much less expensive it was than the coverage they are currently being offered? You may think ”If it was so good, then why give it up?” There are always a […]

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Intermountain Healthcare, Others, Will Develop Generic Drug Company

January 25 | 2018

Salt Lake City—To help patients by addressing the often unwarranted shortages and high costs of lifesaving generic medications, Intermountain Healthcare is leading a collaboration with Ascension, SSM Health, and Trinity Health, in consultation with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs* (VA), to form a new, not-for-profit generic drug company. The five organizations represent more than […]

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GOED Announces Availability of Tax Credits for Rural Businesses

January 23 | 2018

Salt Lake City—The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced the creation of a new online portal to simplify the application process for Enterprise Zone Tax Credits. The tax credits incentivize investment and job creation by rural, non-retail small businesses in Utah. “One of the least known rural tax credits is the Enterprise Zone Tax […]

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Industry Outlook: Healthcare

January 19 | 2018

Utah’s healthcare community is facing an uncertain future due to the shifting tides of health reform, an ongoing opioid crisis and a new effort to set health policy at the ballot box. Here, healthcare leaders take on these issues and more. PARTICIPANTS: Scott Barlow, Revere Health Blaine Benard, Holland & Hart, LLC Brian Carter, Diversified […]

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Don’t Ignore the Human Element in Cybersecurity, Say Professionals

January 16 | 2018
By: Adva Taylor
Utah Business Magazine

Salt Lake City—Cybersecurity threats have become just a part of doing business. There’s no magical salve or solution that will keep your business 100 percent in the clear from any sort of cybersecurity threat—and those threats are becoming more sophisticated every year. How can you keep your company safe? One of the first steps is […]

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Drawing a Line: How to recognize and eliminate sexual harassment in your organization (yes, yours too)

January 11 | 2018
By: Lisa Christensen

Harvey Weinstein. Al Franken. Charlie Rose. The last several weeks have been filled with a seemingly endless line of allegations against high-profile celebrities, politicians and businessmen, and as more victims come forward, even more appear. Sexual harassment is a phenomenon that just happens in other places and other industries—until it happens close to home, too. […]

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