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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Disability Insurance

April 16 | 2018
By: Council for Disability Awareness

Disability insurance provides critical financial protection to American workers. Yet it’s a highly misunderstood form of insurance. You probably have health insurance, home or renter’s insurance, and car insurance. But what about your need for income protection insurance? Disability insurance pays you a portion of your income when an injury or illness takes you out […]

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Legacy Tree Genealogists: SBA Woman-Owned Business of the Year

April 11 | 2018
By: Tom Haraldsen

Jessica Taylor loved hearing her grandparents tell stories from their lives and studying the histories of family members. She loved it as a hobby, but until she got to college never realized it could become both a passion and a profession. “When I first got to BYU, I was really looking for a major,” she […]

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Attracting and Retaining Top Employees with Health Care Benefits

April 2 | 2018

Many small-business owners mistakenly believe they cannot afford to offer benefits. But while going without benefits may boost your bottom line in the short run, the penny-wise philosophy could strangle your business’s chances for long-term prosperity. “There are certain benefits good employees feel they must have,” says Ray Silverstein, founder of PRO, President’s Resource Organization, […]

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Dealing with Dementia: Protect Yourself When Dismissing an Employee Because of Mental Decline

March 29 | 2018
By: Wina Sturgeon

In late 2017, just before his death, news of Gary Ott’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease was finally made public. But Ott had noticed symptoms of the disease as early as 2013, and friends and employees began to notice changes in his behavior by 2015. As the illness progressed, a public battle played out over who […]

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2018: The Year of the Flexible Workforce

March 13 | 2018
By: Susan Hornbuckle, Kelly Services

Flexible work schedules have been around for decades, at least since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking data for them in 1985. However, 2018 may be the year that the topic of workplace flexibility finally crosses into mainstream awareness. In the last 12–18 months, there has been a definite uptick in attention given […]

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Start 2018 with a Business Checkup

March 5 | 2018
By: Saniel Nordberg
SBA Region VIII Administrator

Making predictions is never easy, especially for small business owners and managers. Unlike their larger counterparts, small firms rarely have the resources to monitor and take corrective action for every new trend and issue. Even entrepreneurs who’ve experienced numerous business cycles face new circumstances that confound their instincts and knowledge. While there’s no crystal ball […]

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Why Your Disability Insurance Audit is So Important

February 26 | 2018
By: Terry Allard, CEBS, Sr. Benefits Advisor

For most employers, looking at the health insurance plan every year is a tradition.  The numbers are reviewed, a bid is suggested (or not), and an analysis of the performance and incoming numbers is performed.  Unfortunately, other ancillary lines are often overlooked, renewed as-is because they aren’t used as much or there’s a rate hold.  […]

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How Long Commutes Impact Workplace Productivity

February 20 | 2018
By: Geoff Mukhtar
Communications Manager at United Benefit Advisors

What do all employees have in common? They all have a burning dislike for their morning commute! Let’s face it, it’s not the actual commute that most people dislike, it’s the hassle of dealing with traffic, long lines, and rude people that make the trip so despised. It doesn’t matter how an employee gets to […]

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Wellness Checkup

February 13 | 2018
By: Adva Biton

The CDC estimates that 75 percent of healthcare costs come from 117 million people with one or more chronic health conditions. For employers, this can mean paying an annual average of $12,000 per employee on healthcare costs, according to a study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. In recent years, many employers have gotten […]

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Culture, Not Perks, Most Important to Retain Employees

February 8 | 2018
By: Heather Stewart

As a small business, how can you attract and retain top-notch employees? That was the key question tackled during a breakout session at the Salt Lake Chamber Small Business Summit in early February. With the unemployment rate in Utah hovering at record-low levels, attracting and keeping top talent is top of mind for all business […]

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