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What is COBRA insurance?

How does COBRA insurance work?

Where does COBRA apply?

How long does COBRA last?

When does COBRA coverage start?

Can you get COBRA if you quit?

How do you sign up for COBRA?

How much is COBRA insurance?


Why is dental insurance needed?

How does dental insurance work?

Is dental insurance worth it?

How much is dental insurance?

How do you get dental insurance?


What is disability insurance exactly?

Is disability insurance worth it?

How long will benefits be paid?

Are benefits taxable?

How do I qualify to go on claim?

What does own-occupation mean?

What if I am able to work for a short time, but discover the disabling condition is not resolved? Do I have to start over again?

What does disability insurance cover?

How much is disability insurance?


What is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

How does FMLA intermittent leave work?

Can an employer deny FMLA?

How do you file for FMLA?

What situations qualify for FMLA?

How long may I stay on FMLA?

How do I know if I qualify?

Which employers are considered covered?

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