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At Fringe Benefit Analysts, we are able to provide our clients with competitive information that describes how their employee benefits compare to their peer organizations, both statewide and nationally.

Our unique and innovative benchmarking tool allows our clients to compare themselves to similar businesses on a state, regional and national level. By allowing our clients to compare benefits with those of other reputable businesses in their unique industry, we ensure that our clients are offering competitive and cost-effective benefit packages.


Our in-house counsel, partner law firms and HR consultants regularly create webinars on relevant topics. These include ACA compliance, HIPAA, ERISA, FMLA, sexual harassment training and many other “hot button” topics.

Free to clients, along with exclusive access to our partners, the webinars available through Fringe Benefit Analysts provide relevant, timely information on a number of pertinent subjects.

All of the webinars provided by Fringe Benefit Analysts come from reputable sources and are backed by United Benefit Advisors (UBA).


Fringe Benefit Analysts provides long-term, multi-year “blueprint” planning for our clients’ benefit programs, which helps to define objectives and expected accomplishments for years one, two, three—and beyond. Long-range strategies help prevent short-term decisions that may have negative impacts over time.

At Fringe Benefit Analysts, we pride ourselves on our ability to sit down with clients, discuss and uncover their “pain points” and then provide a variety of solutions and options to resolve their concerns and problems.

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