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utah dental insurance

As the number one non-medical insurance benefit offered by employers, dental insurance can be a valuable part of your company’s overall benefit package. Nearly three-quarters of employers offer dental coverage. Good dental care is a vital part of overall employee well-being and productivity—and a more productive employee is a more profitable employee.

Utah Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance for Employees

The health of your teeth can directly impact your overall health, which is why Utah dental insurance is so important. Employers who offer this benefit provide their employees with access to a more affordable option for keeping themselves and their families healthy. Preventative care can help your employees spend up to 86% less on dental treatment over a six-year period!

For most people, regular dental care prevents the need for emergency treatment, which can be very expensive. Routine visits and check-ups are likely to catch issues early, reducing last-minute, acute dental issues that can make out-of-pocket costs add up quickly. Even minor dental procedures can cost upwards of $1,000 without insurance. This is hard on your employees’ bank accounts and on their morale. Plus, preventative care can keep your employees in the office rather than out on sick leave with dental problems.

There are many different plans for dental insurance in Utah, but a majority offer 100/80/50 coverage. In this case, insurance covers preventative care, such as cleanings, X-rays and exams at 100%. Other procedures, including extractions, fillings and minor periodontal work are 80% covered by insurance. Major or emergency procedures, such as root canals, implants, crowns or dentures get 50% coverage.

This type of plan is popular because most people will only need those treatments that are completely covered. However, when employees do end up needing emergency dental care, you’ll feel good knowing that you provided an option that helps them avoid extremely high, out-of-pocket costs.

Good oral health means better overall health and productivity

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Fringe Benefits Analysts will help you find a plan that fits your business’ needs and budgets, including employer-sponsored and individual plans. We also help your employees navigate the complexities of individual plans when employer-sponsored plans are unavailable. We know that you value the health and well-being of your employees, which is why we are committed to finding the ideal plan that will benefit everyone at your company.

We work closely with a number of dental insurance partners from the state and across the country. Some of this include:

  • Assurant
  • Kansas City Life
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Dental Select
  • Humana
  • Total Dental Administrators
  • Standard Insurance
  • Regence BCBS
  • Lifemap
  • United Healthcare
  • Select Health
  • Met Life
  • Delta Dental
  • Principal
  • Aetna
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