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Stay focused on vision health and wellness

Ever heard of “smiling eyes?” We know all about that. It's what happens when you keep your eyes healthy and happy.

We’ve re-envisioned the world of vision benefits. In our world, members are at the heart of everything we do, so whether you have an existing vision problems, contact lenses or glasses, or you’re just visiting the eye doctor for annual eye exams to keep your vision sharp or monitor your eye health to prevent eye diseases, you can feel confident knowing you get more to love with FBA.

Employer-sponsored vision coverage and a vision plan can enhance any chosen medical plan, or provide separate comprehensive coverage with your eye health as the main focus.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

At FBA, we provide individual and voluntary policy options to enable customized benefits solutions for a diverse employee base. With the flexibility to choose the correct provider, we assist in quality vision care through vision insurance plans that are designed to meet your needs.

Some of our vision insurance partners include:

• Eyemed • VSP • Opticare

What Does Vision Insurance Cover?

Coverage options for vision insurance will depend on your specific vision plan, but some of the most common coverages include the following:

  • Preventative, routine eye exams, vision tests, glaucoma tests and tests for other eye diseases
  • Prescription eyewear, such as contact lenses and/or glasses frames and lenses
  • Optional care, including corrective eye surgery

Most vision insurance plans cover 100% of preventative care or routine exams from your eye doctor, but there is usually a limit. The plan you choose should reflect your need for coverage. For example, if you already wear glasses and know you will need a new pair annually, we can help you find a plan that offers that coverage.

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What’s the Average Cost of Vision Insurance in Utah?

In Utah, the average cost of an eye exam is just over $150. Vision insurance plans cost between $10 and $30 per month. Without vision insurance, Utahns pay on average $500 out-of-pocket for vision care. Since most plans provide coverage for routine eye exams, it makes sense to pay for insurance to reduce your out-of-pocket spending.

When a copay applies, you’ll pay a fixed amount per visit (on average between $20 and $30) and your plan will pay the rest. Some plans provide allowances for items like frames or contacts. The standard allowance for glasses is around $150 and the average cost is $203. That’s a big savings for those with coverage!

Frequent Exams

Taking good care of your eyes is absolutely critical. With regular eye exams, some of the most common vision conditions can be detected and treated. At Fringe Benefit Analysts, we are just as committed to your and your family’s eye health as you are.

An annual eye exam is about much more than healthy vision. It can help you manage your overall health and wellbeing, too. An eye exam can spot early signs of serious health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, so you can be treated sooner, rather than later.

Recommended Eye Exam Frequency For Adults

  • Ages 20-39
    Every five to 10 years
  • Ages 40-54
    Every two to four years
  • Ages 55-64
    Every one to three years
  • Ages 65+
    Every one to two years

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People with poor vision, a family history of eye disease or a condition that increases the risk of eye disease, such as diabetes, should have more frequent exams.

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