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Fringe Benefit Analysts® works closely with you in employee benefits programs by evaluating your current benefit circumstances, options and opportunities. We then develop, and help implement, strategies designed to educate, inform and engage employees in their available options and decisions—encouraging them to better understand and appreciate the full value of your available benefits.

It is crucial for your employees to understand the full value that they receive from working with your organization. With a complete understanding of employee benefits and services, you will see increased improvement in employee loyalty, reduced recruitment costs and an overall image improvement in your company.

Our Approach

At Fringe Benefit Analysts, our approach and processes are adaptable to your unique benefits situation and are proven to:

  • Improve recruiting and retaining the best employees
  • Help to keep employees healthy and productive
  • Meet the client’s financial objectives

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Benefit Products

We offer a full spectrum of benefit products, including:


Federal law imposes numerous requirement on the group health coverage that employers provide to their employees. Many federal compliance laws apply to all group health plans, regardless of the size of the sponsoring employer. However, there are some additional compliance requirements for large employers, mainly due to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) penalty rules for applicable large employers.

Whatever the size of your business, Fringe Benefit Analysts provides the most up-to-date tools, services and support available to keep you in compliance with the ever-changing landscape surrounding employee benefits. These include:

  • Responsive customer service
  • Enrollment meetings and benefits education
  • Custom benefit guides
  • Online enrollment
  • Year-round enrollment and termination support
  • Employee resources website
  • Employee one-to-one support
  • New hire screening and testing
  • Management team and building tools
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