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Fringe Benefit Analysts® is a full-service insurance, consulting and employee benefits firm based in Utah.

Our team of dedicated professionals serves a wide variety of businesses and individuals with the highest degree of expertise, services and support for their fringe benefits services and programs. We are committed to simplifying benefits management, reducing costs, saving time and generating greater satisfaction. Our clients are confident in our service and rest assured knowing that Fringe Benefit Analysts will accurately and consistently guide them through the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of insurance benefits with outstanding attention to detail, responsiveness and a high return-on-value for their benefits dollars.

Our products offerings include small business health insurance, vision, dental, group life, accidental death and dismemberment, disability and voluntary employee benefits . We also offer many benefit management support services, as well as additional value-added services. Finally, Fringe Benefits Analysts provides a variety of solutions for employee benefits guidance and support.

With five Utah offices from Layton to St. George, we have built lasting partnerships with employers and individuals for over four decades. From ensuring compliance with government regulations to providing benefits that meet both employee and employers’ needs, we know the unique landscape of the employee benefit marketplace.

With five Utah offices from Layton to St. George, we have built lasting partnerships with employers and individuals for over four decades. We know the unique landscape of the employee benefit marketplace.


Our Commitment to Integrity

We are absolutely committed to the best interest of each client. FBA is unbiased in making recommendations and does not accept production trips from carriers. Our agents are held to the highest industry standards in ethical behaviors and codes of conduct.


Fringe Benefit Analysts, LLC began in 1970 when Don J. Deru, an engineer by trade, decided to venture out and begin a new career in insurance. Starting as a small life insurance company, Don’s new company, Don J. Deru and Associates, quickly grew to include medical, dental, vision and disability products. With these additional offerings, the company could now provide a complete package of benefits and value-added-services to individuals and business owners.

In March of 1988, Don’s small business officially changed its name to Fringe Benefit Analysts, LLC and refocused its commitment to simplify benefits, reduce cost and provide greater employer and employee satisfaction. From PPACA compliance to enrollment and plan assistance, Fringe Benefits helps to manage a successful benefits program for both companies and individuals.

Fringe Benefit Analysts, LLC is dedicated to making the complex simple by providing innovative benefit strategies and creating long-term benefit solutions for both employers and individuals.

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