“Fringe Benefit Analysts is fantastic and very open to our ambitions, concerns, desires, and unique circumstances. Truly, we cannot say enough good about our experience with FBA. We highly recommend them [as] a true partner in navigating through the complexities [of] health care businesses.”

– Kip, Vice President

“Our company was audited by the Department of Labor, which required 18 specific documents related to our employer sponsored health plan. Fringe Benefits Analysts had already provided the documents we needed to comply with DOL regulations. The process lasted over a year, but our audit resulted in ZERO fines or penalties!”

– Amanda, H.R. Manager

“The office staff at FBA is very responsive, great to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I enjoy working with them because of their professionalism. They are very ethical and knowledgeable in their profession.”

– Chrissy, Account Manager

“[Our company] has worked with FBA for many years and we are truly fortunate to have them looking out for our best interests. [Our account manager] has been very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that have arisen over the years.”

– Vickie, President/CEO

“FBA has exceeded our expectations. They have assisted our employees in the claims process … and have taken the time to research employee questions and concerns. They are willing to sit with employees and translate the health industry into layperson’s terms. FBA is a great brokerage and loyal friend.”

– Julie, H.R. Manager

“I have worked with FBA now for too many years to count and have never had an insurance broker so quick to respond. Not only does my account manager do an outstanding job but he has great staff as well.”

– Darryn, Vice President

“When doing my research to determine which insurance agency to affiliate with, every carrier I contacted agreed that Fringe Benefit Analysts was an outstanding and professional company to work with.”

– Blaine, Partner Agent