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NOTICE: This site is not intended to provide legal or healthcare advice. Information was documented on this site based on information available at the time; however, guidance from the Federal and State Governments, CDC, legal community, healthcare and human resource professionals are changing at an exponential rate, please verify all information before making business or financial decisions.


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Latest News

> Utah Governor Gary Herbert has moved the status from Red, “High Risk” to Orange, “Moderate Risk.” Click here for details on what this means to businesses and individuals.

> Community Outreach: FBA – Caring for our Community

> Congress Funds Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) with an Additional $380 Billion

> Webinar on a Deep Dive with Experts on PPP Loan Forgiveness

> What Every HR Leader Should Know About Compliance – CARES Act and PPP Update

> List of Disinfectants that are effective against COVID-19

> Employer Tax Credits for Employee Benefits

> FBA Webinar on the Families First Act (FFCRA) and COVID-19 training

Emotional Health Resources

As deadlines have been extended for self-isolation, social distancing, cancelled events and school closures, there is an emotional toll taking place in society. For this reason, resources for emotional health will now take a prominent place on our main page and will be updated regularly as the best articles, websites and videos are discovered.

Coronavirus Symptom Self-Checker and Reporting

> State of Utah Symptom Checker and Reporting

> Internet – CDC website

> Android World Health Organization (WHO) App

On the Lighter Side

While we all take the spread and prevention of the Coronavirus very, very seriously, there is a place for some good humor and a quick laugh to lift our spirits to relieve a bit of tension. Enjoy these links, because, as they say, “Laughter is the best medicine!”

> DIY Face Mask Tutorial with Kay

> 50 Coronavirus Jokes to help you through quarantine

> John Pinnette toilet paper sketch

> Johnny Carson toilet paper shortage

> M.A.S.H. and the Coronavirus

> Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Coronavirus Parody

> Carol Burnett Toilet Tissue sketch

> Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Tips to Avoid the Corona Virus

> Pluto addresses the Coronavirus

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