Can You Handle the Truth?

June 5 | 2018
By: Bill Olson
VP, Marketing & Communications at United Benefit Advisors

Direct feedback culture, according to “Mastering the Art of Negative Feedback,” from Society for Human Resource Management means simultaneously challenging someone while also showing you care. Many employees skew toward caring over candor, and that can lead to dissatisfaction.

The feedback employees want can be very different from the feedback delivered. Direct, real time feedback is highly valued, and valuable, but HR professionals rank it lower compared to other managerial traits and are ill-equipped to deliver it.

Beyond offering a more traditional evaluation performance, the best feedback provides a developmental framework to improve performance.

When critique or hard conversations are needed, creating a script and keeping the conversation focused on specific behaviors rather than personality traits can be helpful for HR professionals and other managers.

Learning to be open to feedback is an essential tool as well. Modeling how to give—and receive—direct feedback is one of the best ways an HR practitioner can foster best practices work.

Read “Mastering the Art of Negative Feedback” here.

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