Boostability: Giving Small Businesses an Online Boost

January 9 | 2018
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In today’s world, consumers expect businesses to have an active presence online—and that includes small businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re the handyman down the street or owner of the local pizza joint, your customers (and potential customers) expect you to be online. Let’s face it—the internet is as important today as the Yellow Pages were in the past. And if you’re not listed, consumers won’t find you.

But creating and maintaining an online brand can be overwhelming, especially for the small business owner who has limited time and cash. From SEO to social media to online reviews, there’s a lot to figure out—and a lot to get right. So, what’s a small business without the resources of a larger business to do?

Enter Boostability. Boostability is an online marketing service provider that has devoted its mission to helping small businesses compete in the online world. The company has three core specialties: SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and website design and management.

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“What makes us different than a traditional agency is we are here to help the little guy—the plumber in Provo, the landscaper in Lindon,” says Kelly Shelton, vice president of marketing at Boostability. “These are small companies that can’t afford to pay fees for SEO or a website, but they still need a product that works. We’ve built Boostability with them in mind.”

Boostability takes a one-on-one approach with every company that walks through their doors. Boostability’s online marketing pros work to develop a custom plan that fits every company’s specific needs. Shelton says the work typically starts with building a website.

“The foundation of a company’s online presence starts with its website. We recognize the need for a business owner to have a good website, which is key for them to climb in SEO.”

Once the website is up and running, Boostability experts will turn their focus to SEO. Shelton explains that SEO is vital in today’s online world, as it helps consumers find businesses. “We optimize your content and the code of your website so it speaks the right language with search engines like Google, so they can find you and rank you,” he says. “And, we create content that people can like, share and link back to. What happens then is Google can see that people like your company and searchers will be more likely to find your business because it will rank higher in the search results.”

The third step is maximizing the company’s social media brand and outreach. “It’s important for businesses to be on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—we make sure businesses have a presence across all social media sites,” Shelton says. “We’ll build out their pages, create new posts and curate and share content that’s relevant to their industry as well as engage with their audience.

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In the end, Boostability is a one-stop-shop for small business online marketing solutions. And because Boostability is focused on helping small businesses, its services are affordable for those operating on a limited budget.

“Most online marketing providers aren’t able to focus on small businesses because it’s not profitable,” explains Shelton, “but because of the technology that we’ve perfected over the years, we’ve been able to make working with smaller budgets good, viable business for us. It’s hard to beat us on price, results or scalability.”

Boostability’s focus on helping the little guy thrive in the online world has led to its own phenomenal success story. Today, Boostability is considered one of Utah’s tech darlings, growing to more than 400 employees, and recently opening offices in Europe.

“It’s been fun and exciting to see our own growth, and to help others grow,” says Shelton. “It’s exciting to know that our future looks really, really bright because the internet is the way consumers find products and services today and for the foreseeable future. No one is better at helping small businesses succeed online.”

To the small business who thinks they are too busy to focus on online marketing, or to one who thinks they can’t afford it, Shelton says, “Price isn’t a barrier to entry anymore. If you’re not online, your competitors are gaining advantage over you. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, consumers are looking for you online, and you really need to be out there, or they will find someone else.”

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