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UBA affiliation

The Power of Local Attention with National Backing

UBA is the nation’s leading organization of independent benefit advisors who are bound by a code of conduct to actively cultivate, validate and share wisdom with busy benefit decision makers nationwide who want peace of mind through trust in knowing they are making informed choices in a complex marketplace.


Fringe Benefit Analysts is a member of UBA, the nation’s leading organization of independent benefit advisory firms. By partnering with United Benefit Advisors (UBA), we are able to provide our clients access to nationwide tools, coverage, collaboration and shared resources. With this advantageous relationship, our clients have confidence in knowing they are receiving the most up-to-date information and tools available for today’s fast-paced benefits environment.

The UBA Health Plan Survey is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey of plan design and cost – 2.5 times larger than the next three of the nation’s largest surveys combined! The resulting volume of data provides employers of all sizes more detailed – and therefore more meaningful – regional, industry, and employee size differentials. This gives employers a distinct competitive edge in recruiting and retaining a superior workforce and managing health care costs.


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