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Benefit packages are often overflowing with options and choices. Fringe Benefit Analysts helps simplify the dissemination of information and ensure that employees are properly informed and educated in order to help them understand and appreciate the full value of their benefit options.

Custom Benefit Guides

Fringe Benefit Analysts provides professionally produced guides for open enrollment meetings and for new hires containing all the information employees need to make informed choices regarding benefits.

These benefits guides are customized to each client and their offering in regards to their benefit packages.

Online Enrollment

When partnering with Fringe Benefit Analysts, employees can provide personal information one time, via a secure website, to populate multiple documents and can then print a number of completed carrier enrollment forms and applications.

Enrollment Meetings and One-on-One Consulting

After many years in business, we have found that holding general employee meetings during the open enrollment period are vital to employees’ understanding of their benefits package and option. In order to assist with these meetings, Fringe Benefit Analysts will prepare all materials, announcements and correspondence to ensure a productive meeting.

One-on-one benefit consulting visits help to ensure employees have all their questions answered.

Employee Resource Website

In an effort to consolidate information and provide for ease-of-use, Fringe Benefit Analysts builds a customized benefit portal for each of our clients providing quick access to benefit plan summaries, PPACA required documents, web links, provider directories, forms and client-specific documents.

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